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Spring fox release

I want to share with you my pictures of a fox release I was able to go on this past weekend.

This poor guy was found at the side of a road after, most likely, being hit by a car.  His bottom jaw was broken making him unable to chew his own food and he was probably in a lot of pain.  Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (RVWS) took him in and was able to transfer him to a larger facility near Napanee, Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre.

After surgery and lots of rehabilitation, Wylie (as he was known) was ready to be brought back to RVWS and released where he was found.

Fox 4

All of these photos were taken with a super duper long lens, so that the fox wasn’t too scared to come out of the crate. We must keep wildlife wild!


Fox 3


Fox 2


Fox 1


Fox 6


Fox 7


Fox 9


Fox 8


If you love wildlife and are looking for somewhere to donate either money or goods from their wish list, Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place!

Happy Spring everyone!